Research in Germany

A highly-developed university and research landscape plus innovative companies shape the scientific-research system in Germany. Research in Germany is particularly attractive for international academics and scientists: guests from many countries carry out research at Germany's universities and research institutes.

Universities are not the only institutions doing research in Germany. There is a significant number of independent (though largely publically financed) research institutions (often adjacent to universities) and a lot of research is conducted by the industry. All these institutions might be interesting for you.

To support you search for cooperation partners or institutions working in your field, there are several sources on the web:

  • The online database GERiT lists more than 29,000 research institutions at universities and elsewhere.
  • Research in Germany is an international platform on research in Germany. Here you will find substantial information about Europe's leading research landscape, including news on recent developments and a web catalogue with external links.

    A variety of "Research in Germany" publications:

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  • The German Mobility Centre at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is part of the European network of mobility centres, EURAXESS. The German Mobility Centre is a first port of call for researchers coming to Germany, or for those wanting to leave Germany in order to spend time researching in other countries.

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