German in Estonia - a virtual map

It is well known that Germany and Estonia have been connected historically for centuries. That the traces of this connection are still to be found everywhere however, is something most people in Estonia aren't aware of. The virtual map is supposed to fill this gap.

The virtual map shows a map of Estonia that gives its users the ability to mark German influences in Estonia, and thus create a picture of where you can find Germany in Estonia.

The goal of the map is to motivate people, mainly students, but also all others who're interested in the German-Estonian relations, to search for traces if Germany, and to make these traces available to a larger audience.

[The above text is an excerpt from the article Die virtuelle Landkarte, by Signe Ilmjärv (Toila). You can find both the full text as well as further information about similar language projects in the book Linguistic Landscapes und Spot German an der Schnittstelle von Sprachwissenschaft und Deutschdidaktik, by Heiko F. Marten & Maris Saagpakk (ed.)]

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